Welcome to Gabon

Welcome to Gabon: where forest, ocean and equator meet. With tropical forest covering 88% of our national territory, some of the most biodiverse fauna and flora on the planet and important natural resources hidden within our terroir, Gabon is not only important for the preservation of the Congo basin forest but a key ecological player in the fight against global climate change.

This ecosystem is part of the heart and lungs of our continent. And plays a fundamental role in the regional and continental climatic balances.

Last year, regional collaboration emerged as a driver of global progress. The Glasgow Climate Pact agreed at COP26 recognizes Regional Climate Weeks as a platform for governments and stakeholders to strengthen credible and durable response to climate change. ACW 2022 is a collaboration platform to explore:
• Resilience against climate risks
• The transition to a low-emission economy
• Partnerships to solve pressing challenges

The event is organized by UN Climate Change in collaboration with global partners UN Development Programme, UN Environment Programme and the World Bank Group. Partners in the region include the Africa Union, the Africa Development Bank (AfDB), the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and UN Gabon. As the host for this year’s Regional climate week, we welcome you in the hopes that you will enjoy all the wonders Gabon has to offer all the while Working to advance climate action, address social inequalities and invest in development that is good for humanity and nature.